Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Equities cruise to three-month highs, dollar under protest pressure

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Curve Near Steepest Since 2017 as 30-Year Yields Climb

[Reuters] Trump pushes military solution to unrest in U.S. cities

[AP] US cities erupt in more violence as Trump decries `lowlifes’

[CNBC] George Floyd protests: Minnesota files civil rights charge against Minneapolis Police Department

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bears Stampede Out of High-Yield ETFs With Fed Backstop in Play

[Yahoo/Barron's] Amazon’s Bond Sale Shows Debt Market Is Hot. Investors Should Be Cautious

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Illinois Becomes First to Tap Fed Loans After Bond Yields Surge

[Bloomberg] Turkey’s Surging Money Supply Revives Fears of Inflation Takeoff

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall St. higher on prospects of economic recovery

[Reuters] Global shares cruise to three-month highs, dollar shows the strain

[Reuters] Oil prices rise ahead of OPEC+ meeting on output cuts

[Reuters] Five police shot during U.S. protests, Trump says he could bring in military

[CNBC] Live updates: Tensions rise after another night of protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd

[Reuters] U.S. companies issue shares at fastest rate ever, selling the rally

[CNBC] Trump threatens to deploy military as George Floyd protests continue to shake the U.S.

[Reuters] Explainer: Can Trump send the U.S. military to quell violence at protests?

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: States accelerate reopening plans; UK could be at risk for second wave

[AP] CBO projects virus impact could trim GDP by $15.7 trillion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Everything China Is Doing to Support Its Markets During Pandemic

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] India Lenders’ Woes May Be Worse Than Thought, Moody’s Says

[Bloomberg] Another Source of Much-Needed Cash Dries Up for Indian Companies

[Bloomberg] In Hong Kong, Xi Jinping Takes a Page From Vladimir Putin’s Playbook

[WSJ] Curfews Begin Across U.S. as Cities Brace for Unrest

[WSJ] U.S. Economy Faces Projected 10-Year Recovery From Coronavirus Effects

[WSJ] Dear America, a Cold War With China Will Be Expensive

[WSJ] China Nudges Banks to Help Small Businesses

[FT] ECB set to expand bond-buying to soak up pandemic debt

[FT] Delinquency rate triples in US commercial mortgage market

[FT] Brazil’s record outflows underline investors’ fears of Bolsonaro

[FT] Taiwan remains sanguine despite Beijing sabre-rattling

[FT] Three good reasons not to dabble in negative interest rates

[FT] There are risks to liquidity from rock-bottom rates