Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Minutes Show Fed Leaders Delayed Rate Hike Over Global Risks

[NYT] Inside the Fed’s Decision to Postpone Raising Interest Rates

[Bloomberg] If You Thought China's Equity Bubble Was Scary, Check Out Bonds

[Bloomberg] Crude Oil Surges Above $50 a Barrel for First Time Since July

[Reuters] U.S.-based taxable bond funds bleed $36.2 bln in Q3 - Lipper

[Bloomberg] ETFs and Junk Bonds Are an Explosive Mix: Lisa Abramowicz

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Wealth Funds From Oslo to Riyadh Raid Coffers to Offset Oil Drop

[Bloomberg] Chile Peso Falls Most in Emerging Markets on Inflation Surprise

[Bloomberg] German Exports Slump Most Since 2009 Recession as Risks Rise

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank's Riskiest Bonds Sink to Record Low on Coupon Risk

[Bloomberg] These Are the Big Funds That Were Slammed by the Biotech Rout

[Reuters] Brazil's president loses legal battle, faces impeachment threat

[NYT] Concern Grows That the I.M.F. May Be Overstretched

[Bloomberg] Why the Ride up for Interest Rates Could Be Much Bumpier Than the Road Down

[Bloomberg] Saudi Arabia Said to Order Spending Curbs Amid Oil Price Slump

[Reuters] U.S. to sail warships near disputed South China Sea islands: reports

[Reuters] Syria extends major offensive to retake territory in west

[Washington Post] Russian bombs in Syria killing fragile hopes for diplomacy far beyond