Sunday, February 27, 2022

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Slide, Ruble Sinks as West Isolates Russia: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Outshines Treasuries to Be Top Hedge Against Ukraine Risk

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ruble Plunges 30% as Prices Onshore Split From Those Overseas

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Soars as More Sanctions on Russia Spur Energy Crisis Fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Rally Sees Longer Bonds Lagging Amid Inflation Angst

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Commodities From Gold to Grains Rally as Russia Faces Isolation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chaos in Commodities as Russia’s War on Ukraine Stresses Markets

[Reuters] Russia hikes rate to 20% in emergency move, tells firms to sell FX

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Heavy Fighting in Ukraine Damages Prospects for Russia Talks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Belarus Preparing to Send Soldiers, Report Says: Ukraine Update

[AP] Live updates: US official: Belarus may join Ukraine invasion

[MSN/WP] With Russian nuclear forces on alert, Ukraine crisis enters more dangerous phase

[MSN/BBC] Would Putin press the nuclear button?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ‘Financial War’ Sparks Money Market Calls for Emergency Fixes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russia-Ukraine war is 'a financial war now': Deutsche Bank

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Sanctions on Russia Puts Focus on China’s Central Bank

[Reuters] Russia's isolation deepens as Ukraine resists invasion

[Reuters] Russia sanctions cause weekend compliance scramble for global banks

[Reuters] Europe and Canada move to close skies to Russian planes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bank of Russia Resumes Gold Buying After Two-Year Pause

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russian Planes Face Grounding Risk as Leasing Firms Mull Default

[Reuters] Exclusive: Biden sends former top defense officials to Taiwan in show of support

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Warming Is Outrunning Efforts to Protect Human Life, Scientists Warn

[Bloomberg] Russia Erects Financial Defenses as Sanctions Hit Banks, Markets

[Bloomberg] Russia Temporarily Bans Non-Residents From Selling Securities

[Bloomberg] Putin’s Nuclear Threat Is Terrifying Even If He’s Bluffing

[NYT] The West’s Plan to Isolate Putin: Undermine the Ruble

[WSJ] Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Changed the World in Days

[WSJ] High Food Prices to Pressure Inflation This Year

[WSJ] Toyota to Shut Down All Japan Plants Tuesday After Supplier’s Computer Problem

[FT] Russia doubles interest rates as sanctions send rouble plunging

[FT] Belarus’s tilt to Russia complicates Europe’s security calculations

[FT] Russian bonds tumble as new sanctions trigger default fears