Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks, Bonds Rise on Hopes Fed Tightening Is Over: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Advances With Broader Markets on Fed Interest-Rate Signal

[AP] Diplomacy to pause fighting and ease siege intensifies as Israeli ground troops advance on Gaza City

[Reuters] Hamas fighters seek to block Israeli advance on Gaza City

[Reuters] Bank of England keep rates at 15-year high

[Reuters] Japan's Kishida announces $113-bln package to combat inflation pain

[Reuters] Exclusive: BOJ plans to exit from easy policy next year but needs some good fortune

[Reuters] China regulators probe liquidity stress that sent rates to record 50% - sources

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s LGFVs Plan Early Debt Payment as Beijing Offers More Aid

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe’s Great Housing Crisis Is Only Getting Started

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Long Goodbye to World’s Negative-Yielding Debt Is Almost Done

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Private Equity Makes Loan Payments With More Debt to Keep Cash

[Reuters] Putin revokes Russia's ratification of nuclear test ban treaty

[Bloomberg] Powell Hints Fed Is Done With Hikes in Pivot Cheered by Markets

[Bloomberg] Nothing Worries CEOs Right Now as Much as Geopolitics

[NYT] Risk of a Wider Middle East War Threatens a ‘Fragile’ World Economy

[NYT] China Is Winning in Solar Power, but Its Coal Use Is Raising Alarms

[FT] The breakdown of China’s social contract

[FT] Ukraine braced for attacks on its power grid as winter draws in