Saturday, October 14, 2023

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Markets Brace for More Volatility Amid Israel Conflict

[Reuters] Global markets brace for fallout as Middle East tensions rise

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] War Adds Risks to Indebted, Expensive and Fractured World

[Reuters] Netanyahu vows to demolish Hamas, as Israel urges Gazans south

[Reuters] Iran warns of 'far-reaching consequences' if Israel not stopped

[Reuters] Gaza braces for Israeli ground assault, fears of conflict spreading grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Israel Latest: US Says It’s Warned Iran in Back-Channel Talks

[Reuters] Israeli attack on Syrian Aleppo airport puts it out of service

[Politico] China says Israel has gone too far

[Reuters] Amid international crises, US Congress handcuffed by Republican feud

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Economy Is in Search of More Stable Footing

[Reuters] Putin to visit China to deepen 'no limits' partnership with Xi

[Axios] In claiming neutrality, China picks a side in Israel-Hamas war

[Bloomberg] The Federal Deficit Matters Now More Than Ever

[Bloomberg] Asia Central Banks Get Creative on Currencies to Defend Reserves

[Bloomberg] China’s Navy Must Stop Dangerous Moves at Sea, Philippines Says

[WSJ] These Companies Are Being Squeezed by Higher Rates

[FT] Fears of wider Middle East conflict cast shadow over global economy

[FT] US sends second aircraft carrier as Israel prepares to step up Gaza offensive

[FT] Israel-Hamas war sends jitters through neighbours’ debt markets

[FT] Geopolitical volatility returns to the financial markets