Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Equity Rally Sputters Amid Fizzling Fed-Pivot Talk: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Holds Surge as OPEC+ Mulls Biggest Supply Cut Since 2020

[Reuters] OPEC+ heads for deep supply cuts, clash with U.S.

[CNBC] Businesses added 208,000 jobs in September, better than expected, ADP reports

[CNBC] Mortgage applications plummet 14% as higher interest rates and Hurricane Ian crush demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Mortgage Rates Rise for Seventh Week to Highest in 16 Years

[CNBC] High mortgage rates, tight supply and economic uncertainty: Here’s what’s happening with home prices

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: EU Backs Russian Oil Cap in Sanctions Package

[Reuters] Russia says it will supervise Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant after annexation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Junk Market Is Only Open to Familiar Firms Offering High Yields

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Key UK Mortgage Rate Exceeds 6% for First Time Since 2008

[Reuters] Hedge funds suffer $32 bln of outflows in Q2 -data

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Volcker Lesson to Generation QE: Stock Recoveries Can Take Years

[Reuters] WTO warns 'darkened' trade outlook could deteriorate further

[Reuters] South Korea, U.S. fire missiles into the sea to protest 'reckless' North Korea test

[NYT] U.S. National Debt Tops $31 Trillion for First Time

[WSJ] Americans Tap 401(k) Plans After Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

[WSJ] WTO Sees Sharp Slowdown in Global Trade, Pointing to Possible Recession, Lower Inflation

[FT] China after the property boom: can it rebuild the growth model?

[FT] Pettis: China’s difficult choices as export growth slows

[FT] ‘Someone will get hurt’: Investors and analysts warn on rising market stress

[FT] India’s reserves dwindle but currency defence still strong