Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Megacap Tech Rally Drives Rebound in US Stocks: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Shares drift lower as bond yields climb and yen tumbles

[Reuters] Yen softens past 150 per dollar for first time since 1990

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends Gains as China Debates Quarantine Cuts for Travelers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Violent Market Swings Await the Day the BOJ’s Yield Anchor Lifts

[Reuters] BOJ conducts emergency bond buying to underpin debt market, but yields keep rising

[Reuters] UK's Truss says she is resigning as PM

[Reuters] Liz Truss clings to power as chaos in Westminster escalates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Liz Truss Odds: The Front-Runners to Replace the Prime Minister

[CNBC] Existing home sales fall to a 10-year low in September, as mortgage rates soar

[Reuters] Evans: Rates moving too high could have 'nonlinear' impact on US economy

[Yahoo Finance] Inflation: Fed’s Beige Book shows resilient companies — with cracks emerging

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Banks Saddled With $30 Billion in Unwanted Debt in Risk Exodus

[Reuters] Japan's finance minister vows 'appropriate steps' to tackle volatile yen moves

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Russia Fired Missile Near RAF Jet in September

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine’s Grid Thrown Out of Balance After Power-Station Attacks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Summons Chip Firms for Emergency Talks After US Curbs

[NBC] COVID Rates Back Above 20% in Parts of Manhattan as Virus Rebounds

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Turkey Cuts Rates More Than Forecast, Signals Easing Almost Over

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Housing Market Pain Has Echoes of a Crash 30 Years Ago

[Reuters] U.S. mulls joint weapons production with Taiwan

[Bloomberg] Truss Resigns as PM, Ending Shortest Tenure Ever in UK

[Bloomberg] Chinese Markets Are Sinking Fast as Xi Plots Path Forwar

[FT] Yen down

[FT] US Navy chief warns China could invade Taiwan before 2024

[FT] Corporate China shut out of Xi Jinping’s party congress