Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] China's Xi clinches third term, packs leadership with loyalists

[Reuters] Boris Johnson battling to win support for UK PM comeback bid, Sunak enters race

[BBC Live] Sunak confirms PM bid as Rees-Mogg says Johnson will run

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] UK Can’t Shake Pound Negativity After Weeks of Political Chaos

[Reuters] Russian strikes cause blackouts in much of Ukraine, more flee Kherson

[Reuters] Russia's Shoigu warns of 'uncontrolled escalation' in Ukraine conflict

[Fortune] New York’s struggle with the new Omicron variant BQ is trying to tell us something

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB to Cross 2008 Rubicon With Hike Defying Slump Risk: Eco Week

[Reuters] The power of one: Xi solidifies grip at party congress

[Guardian] In Mao’s footsteps: Xi Jinping puts himself at core of China’s government

[CNN] Anti-Xi protest spreads in China and worldwide as Chinese leader begins third term

[Reuters] Hungary's Orban pledges to preserve economic stability as crisis looms

[Reuters] More severe weather forecast for Australia's southeast amid flood crisis

[Bloomberg] Plunging Markets Defy Government Intervention in Taiwan, Korea

[WSJ] Companies Take Different Strategies to Navigate High Inflation

[WSJ] Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak Face Off in Race to Be Britain’s Prime Minister

[WSJ] How U.S. Uses Supply Chain Sway to Throttle China’s Chip Development

[FT] Japan made intervention of at least $30bn to prop up yen

[FT] Chinese Communists shun women as men hoard all the power