Thursday, September 29, 2022

Friday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop as Traders Parse Data, Brainard Speech: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dollar swaps blow out as volatile Q3 ignites dash for cash

[Reuters] European stocks edge higher, euro zone inflation hits record 10%

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Junk Dollar Bonds Extend Record String of Quarterly Losses

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Boosts Amounts at Regular Bond Buy as Yields Stay Elevated

[Reuters] U.S. consumer spending rebounds, but high inflation eroding demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ian Latest: Carolinas-Bound Storm Regains Hurricane Strength

[Reuters] Putin declares annexation of Ukrainian lands in Kremlin ceremony

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Putin Pushing Ahead With UN-Denounced Land Grab

[Reuters] EU countries approve energy windfall levies, turn to gas price cap

[Reuters] Euro zone inflation hits record high 10%, raising pressure on ECB

[Reuters] Dutch inflation leaps to 17%, boosted by high energy prices

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Recovery Falters With No Easing of Covid, Housing Risks

[Reuters] China's factory activity unexpectedly returns to growth in Sept

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yuan at the Mercy of Overseas Traders Puts China on Alert

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Tells Banks to Provide $85 Billion in Property Funding

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Offers Rare Tax Rebate to Spur Home Purchase in Crisis

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Boosts Bond Buying to Cap Yields Pressured by Global Swings

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan’s Kishida Orders Stimulus as Analysts Warn of Overspending

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan Spent $19.7 Billion on September Currency Intervention

[Reuters] Investors dump global bond and equity funds on recession risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BofA Strategists See Wall Street Rout Forcing Asset Sales

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Banks Dealt Fresh Blow With Collapse of Brightspeed Debt Sale

[Reuters] Explainer: How a massive options trade by a JP Morgan fund can move markets

[Reuters] India's current account deficit widens in April-June; seen worsening

[Bloomberg] Germany Signals Russia to Blame for Pipe Blasts: Energy Update

[FT] UK government bond tumult ripples into US and European markets