Thursday, September 22, 2022

Friday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Risk Assets Swept Up in Rout on UK Stimulus: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] UK’s Biggest Tax Cuts Since 1972 Trigger Crash in Pound, Bonds

[CNBC] 2-year Treasury tops 4.2%, a 15-year high as Fed continues to jolt short-term rates higher

[Reuters] Oil prices down 3% with recession fears in focus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dollar’s March to Record Puts Europe Currencies at Historic Lows

[Reuters] Britain bets all on historic tax cuts and borrowing, investors take fright

[Reuters] Bond selloff risks liquidation of world's most crowded trades- BofA

[Reuters] Four Ukraine regions prepare to hold referendums on joining Russia

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Annexation Votes Start; Russian Draft Exemptions

[AP] World opinion shifts against Russia as Ukraine worries grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Taiwanese Independence Is a Charging Rhino That Must Be Stopped, China Says

[Reuters] China blockade would be act of war, Taiwan would not surrender, official says

[Reuters] Euro zone likely entering recession as price rises hit demand -PMI

[Reuters] Analysis: A Meloni election win could shift Europe's balance of power

[Reuters] EU's von der Leyen delivers veiled warning to Italy's right wing

[Reuters] Goldman Sachs cuts 2022 target for S&P 500 by 16%

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Drip Feeds Liquidity Before Quarter-End Amid Yuan Slide

[Reuters] China's biggest lake declares 'red alert' as long drought lingers

[WSJ] War, Inflation Knock World Economy Off Balance

[FT] Kwasi Kwarteng gambles on borrowing to boost UK growth rate

[FT] Investors stand by big yen short despite BoJ intervention

[FT] Ex-Italy PM Berlusconi faces backlash for defending Putin’s war on Ukraine