Saturday, April 9, 2022

Sunday's News Links

[AP] Ukraine digs in to fight Russia’s looming eastern offensive

[Reuters] Ukraine calls for more sanctions, weapons to stop Russia's 'catastrophe'

[Reuters] U.S. says Russian general put in charge of Ukraine to orchestrate brutality

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: U.S. Has ‘Game Plan’ For More Weapons to Kyiv

[Reuters] NATO plans permanent military presence at border, says Stoltenberg

[Reuters] Le Pen pursues Macron in French presidential vote

[Reuters] Shanghai residents question human cost of China's COVID quarantines

[Reuters] Shanghai seeks to reassure residents over COVID-hit supplies

[SCMP] Shanghai Covid lockdown spurs race to stockpile food across China

[Reuters] China labels U.S. concerns over COVID regulations 'groundless accusations'

[AP] China makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia

[Reuters] Explainer: What Pakistan upheaval means for the world

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Rising Food Costs Push Arab World’s Vulnerable to Breaking Point

[Bloomberg] Macron Stalls, Le Pen Gets Tailwind as France Goes to Polls

[Bloomberg] Zhenro Doesn’t Make $20.4 Million of Bond Interest Payments

[NYT] Few Cars, Lots of Customers: Why Autos Are an Inflation Risk

[WSJ] Recession Risk Is Rising, Economists Say

[WSJ] European Countries Debate How to Cut Purchases of Russian Oil

[FT] France begins voting in landmark presidential election

[FT] Locked-down Shanghai residents demand food as Covid hits record level

[FT] Long Covid: the invisible public health crisis fuelling labour shortages