Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday Evening Links

[AP] Europe’s largest nuclear power plant on fire after shelling

[Reuters] Europe's largest nuclear power plant on fire after Russian attack, says local mayor

[Reuters] Ukraine, Russia make progress on evacuation corridors as war rages

[MSN/WP] After call with Putin, Macron convinced that ‘the worst is yet to come’ and that Russia wants to take all of Ukraine

[AP] Live updates: US establishes direct line with Russia

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] A Funding Stress Indicator Surges to Widest Levels Since May 2020

[Reuters] Stocks slide as oil surge kindles inflation fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Finish Lower in Run-Up to Key Jobs Report: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Drops on Iran Deal Prospects After Touching 14-Year High

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: U.S. Sanctions Putin’s Spokesman and Tycoons

[Reuters] Explainer: Which international banks are exposed to Russia?

[Reuters] Exclusive: Russian firms rush to open Chinese bank accounts as sanctions bite - sources

[Reuters] New U.S.-Russia military hotline as Ukraine war rages

[Yahoo/Finance] Fed Chairman Powell: 'We should have moved earlier'

[CNBC] Russian economy to shrink 35% due to Ukraine invasion sanctions, JPMorgan says

[Bloomberg] Ukraine War Sharpens China’s Energy Priorities as Prices Spike

[WSJ] Fed’s Powell Says Ukraine War Creates Risks of Higher Inflation

[WSJ] Putin Thought Ukraine Would Fall Quickly. An Airport Battle Proved Him Wrong.

[WSJ] China Declared Its Russia Friendship Had ‘No Limits.’ It’s Having Second Thoughts.

[FT] Tett: War in Ukraine threatens the global financial system

[FT] The economic fallout of Russia’s war poses nasty dilemma for west