Thursday, March 24, 2022

Friday's News Links

[AP] Ukraine reports 300 died in Russian strike on theater

[Reuters] Ukrainian forces advance east of Kyiv as Russians fall back

[AP] Putin’s war in Ukraine nearing possibly more dangerous phase

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Lavrov Says West Is Seeking to Destroy Russia

[Reuters] U.S., EU strike LNG deal as Europe seeks to cut Russian gas

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Steady Amid Oil Dip as Traders Mull Economy: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Drops as Europe Holds Off on Ban of Russian Crude Imports

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Unraveling Risks Collapse to 1990 Level as Fed, Oil Weigh

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The U.S. Dollar’s Dominance Is Being Stealthily Eroded

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] London Metal Exchange Sees Trader Exodus as Open Interest Slides

[Reuters] Western sanctions won't sway Kremlin, says Russia's former president Medvedev

[Reuters] Russia more of a burden to China after Ukraine invasion- Pentagon official

[Reuters] Russia running out of precision munitions in Ukraine war- Pentagon official

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] German Business Confidence Plunges on War’s Repercussions

[Reuters] Analysis: Hard landing: Lessors lose hope of getting Russian planes back

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Bond Market Exodus Shows Signs of Gathering Pace in March

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Worsening Virus Threatens Commodities Supply and Demand

[Bloomberg] China Builders Face Worst Earnings in Decade With Audit Woes

[Bloomberg] EU Analysis Suggests China May Send Tech Hardware to Help Putin

[Bloomberg] Shanghai’s Cases Hit a Record as Covid Curbs Led to Death

[WSJ] Small Trucking Companies Are Getting Squeezed by Soaring Diesel Prices

[FT] China threat to Taiwan highlighted by Ukraine war, warns US admiral 

[FT] North Korea fired ‘monster missile’ to contain ‘US imperialists’