Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Climb as Bond Selloff Abates: Markets Wrap 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bonds Rally as ECB Policy Makers Push Back on Rate-Hike Wagers

[Reuters] Asian stocks track Wall St tech rally, U.S. yields cling to highs

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Swings Near $91 Caught Between Tight Market and Iran Talks

[CNBC] Homebuyer demand for mortgages drops 10%, as higher interest rates price some people out

[CNBC] Fed’s Bostic says more than 3 hikes possible this year, but needs to see how economy responds

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Blinken Talks of Crisis as He Heads to Australia: Ukraine Update

[Reuters] Russia accuses West of ramping up pressure with Ukraine arms supplies

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] California’s Drought-Relief Dreams Are Quickly Drying Up

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Logan Dollar Bonds, Property Shares Increase: Evergrande Update

[Reuters] Hong Kong's daily COVID-19 infections surge to record

[Bloomberg] Soaring Prices for Used Cars Leave Americans Paying Up for Repairs

[Bloomberg] Soaring Credit Risk May Be Canary in Coal Mine for European Assets

[Bloomberg] ECB’s Nagel Says Interest-Rate Hike Possible by Year-End

[WSJ] Don’t Expect Rising Interest Rates to Boost Your Savings Account

[WSJ] China’s Quant Hedge Funds Stumble After Breakneck Growth

[FT] ECB policy tightening raises risks of ‘financial accident’

[FT] Bundesbank’s Joachim Nagel calls on Europe to tighten financial belt

[FT] Market swings scare off US companies with plans to go public

[FT] Hong Kong’s young journalists decry the ‘death of free press’