Saturday, February 26, 2022

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] Russian forces pound Ukraine for third day, Kyiv still in Ukrainian hands 

[Reuters] Russia frustrated by 'viable' Ukraine resistance, U.S. says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Putin Ramps Up Ukraine Invasion Pronouncing Peace Talks Dead

[AP] Russians push toward Ukraine’s capital; residents take cover

[AP] Russian official issues stark threats to the West

[CNN] Russia invades Ukraine: Live Updates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Germany Backs ‘Targeted’ Russian SWIFT Removal: Ukraine Update

[Reuters] Smartphone in hand, Ukraine's president takes centre stage in a capital under attack

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Germany Upends Policy to Hit Russia on SWIFT, Ship Ukraine Arms

[Reuters] Russia doesn't 'especially need' diplomatic ties with West - ex-president Medvedev

[Reuters] Russia to seize foreigners' funds in retaliation -RIA

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Weighs Sanctions on Russia’s Central Bank Over Ukraine

[Reuters] Analysis: Russia's Ukraine attack forces Beijing into diplomatic dance

[BBC] The Ukraine crisis is a major challenge for China

[Reuters] China says U.S. warship sailing in Taiwan Strait 'provocative'

[NYT] Before Ukraine Invasion, Russia and China Cemented Economic Ties

[WSJ] How the West Misread Vladimir Putin

[WSJ] Russia’s Energy Dominance Ties West’s Hands in Ukraine War

[FT] Ukraine forces slow Russia’s Kyiv advance as western officials warn of ‘long fight’ ahead

[FT] Russia’s hopes for quick assault on Kyiv thwarted

[FT] EU bid to cut Russian banks from Swift gains momentum

[FT] Ukraine war disrupts global market for grains

[FT] Economists fear forecasted Fed policy ‘too little too late’ on inflation