Thursday, February 17, 2022

Friday's News Link

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Reverse Gains on Ukraine Tension: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Price Pushes Above $1,900 as Ukraine Crisis Spurs Haven Demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Retreats Below $90 With Bumper Rally Starting to Ease Out

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Says Russia Massed Up to 190,000 Personnel: Ukraine Update

[CBS] Shelling intensifies in eastern Ukraine amid concern Russia's creating a pretext for an invasion

[Axios] Separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine order evacuation of civilians to Russia

[AP] In Ukraine’s volatile east, a day of shelling, outages, fear

[CNN] The latest on the Ukraine-Russia border crisis

[CNBC] January home sales jump 6.7% despite a record low supply

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] JPMorgan Quants Say Sudden Earnings Gloom Spells Market Trouble

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Meta’s Stock-Market Wipeout Is Unmatched in the Megacap Era

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Crisis in China’s Property Industry Deepens With No End in Sight

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Builders Miss More Deadlines as Yango Fails to Pay Coupons

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Property Stocks Gain; Yango Misses Deadline: Evergrande Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Inflation Augurs New Era of Central Bank Currency Tensions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stakes Rise for Nuclear Talks Ahead of Munich: Iran Snapshot

[WSJ] Shelling Escalates Along Front Line Separating Ukraine and Pro-Russia Separatists

[WSJ] Frackers Hold Back Production as Oil Nears $100 a Barrel