Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stock Climb, Buoyed by Economic Optimism: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Global Markets: Stocks grind higher as investors ponder U.S. inflation signals

[Reuters] Dollar rally sputters as Fed sends mixed signals on inflation

[AP] US economy up 6.4% in Q1 with stronger future gains expected

[Reuters] U.S. weekly jobless claims fall; first quarter GDP unrevised at 6.4%

[Reuters] Analysis: Fed's mixed messages on inflation unsettle investors

[Reuters] U.S. senators reach deal on infrastructure framework, will brief Biden

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Boosts Short-Term Cash Injection to Ease Liquidity Worries

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOE Warns Against Tightening Too Soon as Inflation Surges

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] A $1.5 Trillion Milestone Beckons for Second-Biggest ETF Market

[CNBC] Delta Covid variant has a new mutation called ‘delta plus’: Here’s what you need to know

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Drought Indicators in Western U.S. Flash Warnings of the ‘Big One’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Sues Australia Over Tariffs in Hit to Strained Ties

[Reuters] Russia warns Britain: Do not provoke us again in Black Sea

[Reuters] UK tells Russia: We will not accept unlawful interference with innocent passage

[Reuters] Emotions run high as Hong Kong residents snap up final edition of Apple Daily

[Bloomberg] Evergrande Major Creditor Minsheng Says It Has Cut Exposure

[FT] Money market funds: the tale of two diverging paths