Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks head for higher ground, oil stuck in a rut

[CNBC] Jobless claims total 5.245 million as 22 million positions have been lost in a month due to coronavirus

[CNBC] US housing starts plunge 22.3% to 1.216 million in March, vs 1.3 million expected

[Reuters] With confidence shattered, the road to a 'normal' U.S. economy looks long

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Trump to unveil reopening guidelines, China races toward a vaccine

[Reuters] China's home prices return to growth in March as pandemic impact starts to ease

[Reuters] Trump says U.S. investigating whether virus came from Wuhan lab

[AP] China tries to revive economy but consumer engine sputters

[Reuters] Brazil government, banks in talks about bailing out companies

[CNBC] Greenland’s ice sheet melts by record amount due to climate change, study shows

[Bloomberg] Oil’s Collapse Is Taking an Entire Service Industry Down With It

[Bloomberg] Desperate Companies Seek Lender Reprieves After Revenues Erased

[NYT] It’s the End of the World Economy as We Know It

[WSJ] Coronavirus Closures Froze Swaths of U.S. Economy in March

[WSJ] Business Leaders Urge Trump to Dramatically Increase Coronavirus Testing

[FT] Mnuchin sets out opposition to rescue plan for emerging markets

[FT] Eurozone faces economic strains as government debt piles up

[FT] Coronavirus crisis inflicts a double blow to pensions

[FT] Neel Kashkari: Big US banks should raise $200bn in capital now