Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stock futures lower as indexes head for modest weekly losses

[Reuters] Fed balance sheet increases to record $5.86 trillion

[Reuters] Oil jump lifts Wall Street as jobless claims data surges

[Kitco] Gold, silver prices see sharp pop on huge jump in U.S. jobless

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Global cases top 1 million, Americans may face relief check delays

[CNBC] White House says small business lending program will be running Friday, even as JPMorgan says it’s not ready

[Reuters] Trump touts 'great' Saudi-Russia oil deal to halt price rout, but details unclear

[Reuters] Emerging markets need more than Fed repos to fix dollar malaise

[MSN/Washington Post] European leaders warn coronavirus could lead to the breakup of their union

[Reuters] U.S. high-grade corporate bond issuance sets weekly record

[CNBC] Manhattan real estate sales ground to a halt in March. Prices could plunge next

[Reuters] U.S. Navy relieves commander of coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier

[Reuters] China answers Brazil plea for medical equipment to fight coronavirus

[Reuters] Brazil's Bolsonaro isolated, weakened by coronavirus denial

[Bloomberg] In Just Three Weeks, 10% of Workers in These States Are Jobless

[Bloomberg] Foreign Central Banks Sell $109 Billion of Treasuries in March

[Bloomberg] S&P 500 Dividend Cuts Add Up Faster Than Any Time Since 2009

[Bloomberg] Banks Tighten Lending to Nervous Homeowners Hoping to Tap Equity

[Bloomberg] Exploding Fed Balance Sheet Risks Unintended Brake on Bank Loans

[Bloomberg] U.S. High-Yield Bond Funds See Record Inflow After Exodus

[WSJ] The Rush for $350 Billion in Small-Business Loans Starts Friday. Banks Have Questions.