Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall Street rises as oil fears recede, market awaits Fed

[Reuters] Oil falls as supply worries fade; stocks edge higher

[Reuters] Saudi oil attacks came from southwest Iran, U.S. official says, raising tensions

[Yahoo Finance] Fed hits technical difficulty as it tries to regain control of rates

[Reuters] Divided Fed set to cut interest rates this week, but then what?

[Reuters] Battered Saudi oil output to recover in two or three weeks: sources

[Reuters] Trump says China trade deal could come before U.S. election, or not

[Reuters] U.S. manufacturing production rebounds; trend still weak

[Reuters] Germany's Scholz: We cannot accept parallel currencies such as Facebook's Libra

[Reuters] WeWork delays IPO after frosty investor response

[Bloomberg] Fed’s First-in-a-Decade Intervention Will Be Repeated Wednesday

[Bloomberg] Unhinged Money Markets Trigger Fed Action to Alleviate Stress

[Bloomberg] A Crazy Day for Oil Leaves Traders Dazed From Tokyo to Houston

[Bloomberg] Gundlach Says Fed May Expand Balance Sheet After Repo Squeeze

[NYT] Fed Jumps Into Market to Push Down Rates, a First Since the Financial Crisis

[WSJ] Fed’s Repo Rescue Leaves Many Searching for Answers

[WSJ] The Repo Market: What It Is, and Why Everyone Is Talking About It Again

[FT] Fed plans second intervention to ease funding squeeze

[FT] Federal Reserve injects billions of dollars into financial system

[FT] Why is the Federal Reserve pouring money into the financial system?