Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Brazil's Cut to Junk Sends Bonds Sliding as Petrobras Tumbles

[Bloomberg] Brazil Cancels Local Bond Offering for Second Time in a Week

[Bloomberg] China's `New Normal' Growth Model Is Starting to Get Expensive

Bloomberg] Europe Stocks Snap Three Days of Gains Amid Rate Rise Concern

[Bloomberg] China's Stocks Decline as Producer Prices Sink Most Since 2009

[Reuters] China's Yuan Jumps Offshore in Suspected Intervention

[Bloomberg] China Opens Onshore Currency Market to Foreign Central Banks

[Bloomberg] Japanese Stocks Tumble After Nikkei 225 Posts Historic Rally

[Reuters] China deflation fears grow as producer prices sink most in six years

[Bloomberg] Brazil Returns to Junk as Bonanza Ends and Crisis Traps Levy

[WSJ, Hilsenrath] Fed Wavers on September Rate Rise

[Bloomberg] Praet Says ECB Vigilant in Preventing Unwarranted Tightening

[Bloomberg] Hedge-Fund Bets Against Emerging Currencies Get Crowded

[Bloomberg] China's Rising CPI, Deepening PPI Deflation Challenges PBOC

[AP] Catalonia's Separatists Try to Stage Spain Breakaway Attempt

[Reuters] Exclusive: Russian troops join combat in Syria - sources

[Reuters] Russia raises stakes on Syria ahead of U.N. meeting in New York

[BBC] Turkey Kurds: 30 dead in Cizre violence as MPs' march blocked

[Reuters] Turkish election 'becoming impossible' because of unrest: pro-Kurdish party

[FT] Russian group accused of hacking satellites