Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Fed's Dudley Says Decision on September Liftoff Less Compelling

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Rebound on Japan Gains as China Shares Extend Rout

[Bloomberg] U.S. Index Futures Rebound After Stock Gains Vanish on Tuesday

[Reuters] Stock futures rise after China injects $21.8 billion

[NYT, Thomas] Signs, Long Unheeded, Now Point to Risks in U.S. Economy

[Bloomberg] China Authorities Escalate Blame Game as Stock Slide Worsens

[Bloomberg] Emerging Debt Health Worsens Most Since 2009 as Record Comes Due

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Dollar Options Suggest Peg Is Most at Risk in a Decade

[Bloomberg] China’s Stocks Slump as Rate Cut Fails to Stop $5 Trillion Rout

[NYT] As Markets Flail, China Investigates Large Brokerage Firms

[FT] China’s ‘asset bubble’ growth solution hangs in the balance

[Bloomberg] China's Stunning Stock Market Moves in One Huge, Annotated Chart

[Bloomberg] ECB Ready to Expand QE If Needed on Inflation Risks, Praet Says

[Bloomberg] China Swaps Decline as Rate Cuts Succeed Where Injections Failed

[Bloomberg] China Rate Cut Fails to Buoy Markets as Stocks, Commodities Fall

[Bloomberg] August Was the Month to Take Out the Trash in the Bond Market

[Bloomberg] Chinese Margin Debts Shrink by $156 Billion as Trades Unwind

[Bloomberg] There Aren’t Enough Firefighters to Stop America’s West From Burning

[Reuters] U.S. plans more Asia-Pacific drills to counter China reclamation