Sunday, July 5, 2015

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Extends Bank Holiday, Capital Controls Through Wednesday

[Bloomberg] Gross: Markets in ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ After Greece Vote

[Bloomberg] Good Luck Finding a Place to Hide as Global Markets Crumble

[FIDB, Johnston] A Visual Guide to Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

[Bloomberg] Europe Stocks Fall Without Panic as Investors Weigh Greek Vote

[Bloomberg] Greek Bonds Drop to Records After Voters Reject Creditor Demands

[Reuters] Oil falls more than 3 percent after Greek 'No'

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Erase 2015 Gain as Greece Risk Weighs on Forint

[Bloomberg] Greece ‘48 Hours Away From Unrest’

[Bloomberg] Greek Showdown Looms With Europe Raising Heat on Tsipras

[Reuters] German line hardens after Greek referendum 'No'

[AP] The Latest: Tsipras calls Putin in wake of referendum result

[Bloomberg] Greek ‘No’ Meets Month of Hedge Fund Caution as Shorts Jump

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks Pare Gains After Rallying Most Since 2008

[FT] China sell-off threatens party credibility

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Stocks Enter Correction on China, Greece Double Hit

[NYT] Chinese Share Sell-off Spills Over to Hong Kong

[Bloomberg] How Do You Say ’Whatever it Takes’ in Mandarin?

[Bloomberg] Best and Worst of Varoufakis in Six Months of Memorable Moments

[Reuters] China joins Greece, Puerto Rico on investors' watchlists

[Reuters] Oil prices tumble after Greece vote, China stock market turmoil

[Reuters] German calls for Grexit mount as EU stunned by 'No' vote

[Reuters] Japan in Close Contact With Other Govts on Greece, Ready to Respond-Official

[Bloomberg] China’s Stock Plunge Leaves Market More Leveraged Than Ever

[Bloomberg, Pesek] China Steers Toward a Subprime Economy

[NYT] Eurozone Central Bank Now Controls Destiny of Greece’s Battered Banks

[CNBC] Europe on a 'collision' course

[NYT] China’s Market Rout Is a Double Threat

[Reuters] Zeroing in on empty homes, China throws developers a lifeline